Gemellient Men’s Organic Lip Balm

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From a business perspective, Mark Cuban is one of those guys who can’t be touched.  The Shark Tank star has maintained some of the highest levels of success throughout his career.  And he’s got style.  Maintaining a clean, slick appearance has really helped him garner success.  So now he’s decided to partner with us as an investor to promote our latest line of men’s products!

Gemellient’s signature organic lip balm will improve and enhance the health of your lips.  This emollient balm provides a solution that will soothe and relieve dry, cracked lips.  Hydrate and nourish your lips through a blend of organic skin conditioning nutrients and antioxidants.  This lip balm contains grapefruit extract, ginger, shea butter, and avocado oil to soften your lips and improve their overall look.  We’ve also added vitamin E and green tea extract to protect your lips even further.


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